What do we do?

We provide the tools to build immersive, interactive real estate tours.

Capturing images

The first step towards building a tour is to capture the images from which that tour is going to be created. We provide tools which simplify this process, automatically capturing high resolution, high dynamic range images at the press of a button.

Building a tour

Our tour editor is used to link the images captured in the first stage into a tour. It's a simple drag and drop tool, but it's enormously powerful - for example, it allows commentary to be added and even for a complete tour to be exported as a spherical video ready for upload to YouTube or Facebook.

View tours

Tours can be viewed in a number of ways - on conventional desktop or laptop computers, tablets, phones or in virtual reality with headsets ranging from Google Cardboard to Samsung's Gear VR. Tours can be viewed collaboratively, so an agent can show a prospective customer round a home without either of them having to be there.

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